Mario Forever Lost Map

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Mario Forever Lost Map is a platform game that is a sequel to the Mario saga
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Mario Forever Lost Map is a platform game that is a sequel to the Mario saga.
In this adventure, Mario, our little plumber, found a lost map that will take him to forgotten lands. He will have to travel through them, avoiding the enemies or killing them by jumping on their heads. They will not have to touch him, otherwise he will lose a life, and when the three lives are gone, the game will be over. Mario will have to collect as many coins as he can, by walking or jumping on them, or hitting the platforms on which they lay with his head. Be careful: you cannot defeat carnivorous plants, jumping on them will kill Mario.

This time Mario will have to fight against Bowser and his armies, and rescue the princess from the dragon, that he must defeat.

The game can be played in Windows Mode or Full Screen Mode with or without music or sound. It is possible that it will show an error when running, but that can be caused by connection problems. If you wait for some seconds, you will be prompted to press Enter, and you will be able to play normally.

The provided download link will install a downloader, that, when run, will download the real game from the author´s site. You wll need 7.2 Mb. for the game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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